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How do your products achieve such good dry times?

Higher vacuum, 18″ Hg — Truck Mount Vacuum Blowers vary from low vacuum, medium vacuum, to very high vacuum.  High Vacuum is the Combination of CFM (cubic feet of air per minute) and Hg (Mercury Lift). With right combination of CFM & Hg it is possible to dry carpet in 1 to 2 hours or less.  To achieve High Vacuum you must have a water cooled blower. Exclusive Steamaction water cooled blowers substantially improve the soil removal and drying time.

How long of a life expectancy do engines have?

Open Air Engineering — Engines vary in quality and life expectancy. The life of a throw away engine varies from 1000 hours to 2500 hours. Throw away engines are air cooled and have aluminum blocks.  However, there are ways to extend the life of an air-cooled engine.  One way is to balance the engine to remove the harmonic vibrations.  We also use an oil cooling system that cools down the engine heat and reduces wear to prevent premature oil leaks.  A high quality water cooled engine has a cast iron block and most importantly has a cast iron head. Steamaction Stealth Truck Mounts have only cast iron and are high quality industrial engines that have 10,000 hours or more life expectancy.   A discontinued four cylinder car engine has up to 50% less engine life a true Industrial Engine. We offer a 10 years/10,000 hour warranty on all of our Stealth Truck Mounts.

What indicates a quality heat exchanger?

Weight, Strength, and Material — Heat Exchangers vary in quality and performance.  A quality Heat Exchanger should be able to reach up to 240ºF in 2 minutes or less and maintain continuous water temperatures from 220ºF to 270ºF. Quality Heat Exchangers should have a life expectancy of 10 years or longer.  We build our truck mount frames, tanks, and heat exchangers from stainless steel only. Our heat exchangers, tanks, and frames all include a 10-year warranty.

Why are your tanks all made of steel?

Stainless steel never rusts or rots out — Truck Mounts built from Stainless Steel look great for a lifetime.  A pretty blue or red painted truck mount looks good on a show room floor but begins to rust and stain almost immediately.  Tanks made form stainless steel last for a lifetime where aluminum disintegrates over time.

What type of pumps are used on your products?

Pumps that can take high heat — High Pressure Pumps are rated light duty, medium duty, and heavy duty.  Steamaction only uses extra heavy duty pumps that last up to 10,000 hours or more.  They can even run dry without damaging the seals.

Why are your products better than van powered or PTO Truck Mounts?

They last far longer — Van Powered or PTO Truck Mounts have many problems.  Exclusive ware on engine, transmission, belts, PTO, can result in up to 50% loss in vacuum because the belt driven blower is running half speed.

Are propane and diesel fired heaters safe?

No, too many fires —  The facts are clear, over the years there has been many fires and explosions because of diesel, kerosene, or propane heaters on the truck mounts. They can burn up trucks and houses and kill someone.

Why is the simplicity of truck mounts crucial?

Less moving parts, less downtown — A complicated truck mount has far too many parts, massive complicated electrical wiring, and will create complicated repairs. Steamaction truck mounts have up to 90% less moving parts that could fail. We build truck mounts to start and run every day.

Do you crimp or solder the wires on your truck mounts?

Solder holds up, crimped wires fail — We hand solder every wire to insure no loose wires or shorts.

These facts are just the tip of the iceberg. Thousands of carpet cleaners have bought mis-engineered truck mounts that have ended up being a nightmare and ended up costing them down time and thousands of dollars in repairs.

Call the FACTS HOT LINE at 1-800-878-2568 and get all the facts and information you need to make a smart purchase. Never make a low information purchase.